Executive Team

Our executive team

Eliza West

Lead Teacher and Chief of Staff

I am a History & Politics teacher at Dr Challoner’s Grammar School, and I am absolutely honoured to be supporting my students with MUN. As I progressed through my own education it became clear to me that the ability to speak confidently in public was of paramount importance. During my Masters Degree I also became aware of the need to be able to put forward an argument, and stand up to the critics of that argument in a professional and productive manner. These are the key skills that MUN cultivates and why I personally believe that participating in public speaking societies will prepare students for adult life more so than any other. After a fantastic first year of MUN, I was delighted when my students expressed that they would like to take on the even greater challenge of organising their own MUN conference, and proud that they wanted the focus to be on inclusivity. This illustrates what a welcoming and friendly society Challoner’s MUN has become and reflects what we hope to continue in the future. Our society wishes to attract a plethora of students from different backgrounds, abilities and aspirations, where we can join together to debate world issues in a fun and engaging way, and where we will help students to gain confidence in their own voices.

Mohammad Karim

President and Training Officer

I am Mohammad Karim, your Challoners Model United Nations president. I am in my first year of A levels and I will be studying Maths, Biology, Chemistry and History. My MUN journey started in 2015 when I attended my first conference with my local Sunday school. From my first MUN success, speaking at general assembly, I climbed through the ranks and won four awards after attending five conferences. Through the process, I have sharpened my drafting and debating skills. Subsequently I brought the society to this school and I founded Challoner's MUN. The process of forming an MUN society has been enjoyable, mindblowing and above all fun. It will be a pleasure to work with such a dynamic team to achieve our vision, to make MUN accessible to everyone, no matter what their socio-economic background, and empower them to become the leaders of tomorrow. At a recent conference I represented Challoner's in the Security Council, the highest and toughest committee to partake in. This has by far been the highlight of my MUN journey. In my spare time I enjoy playing tennis and I am a Black Belt in Karate.

George Corby

Vice President and Training Officer

Hi, I'm George Corby and at this year's Challoner's MUN I'm Vice President. I'm in the lower-sixth at DCGS, studying Maths, Chemistry, Biology and RS with the intention of studying medicine at university. I got into MUN at the Bucks SLN MUN, representing the Syrian Arab Republic; with the mission of convincing the general assembly to ban all forms freedom of speech. I fell in love with MUN at first sight, loving the conference and learning a huge amount about the world at the same time. In particular, I was impressed by SLN MUN's ability to bring together people of all backgrounds, something that we at Challoner's are keen to offer this year, with students from comprehensive, grammar and private as well as and specialist disabled schools. In my free time, I am normally playing one of the violin, saxophone or guitar but MUN is much better than any of these!

Cameron Robey

Head of IT

I'm Cameron Robey, a student in the lower-sixth of DCGS. Despite Challoner's MUN being the first time that I have entered into the realm of Model United Nations, I am really enjoying getting involved. With a backround in technology, studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry for my A Levels, I bring a slightly different angle to the executive team. As the Head of IT for the conference, I am excited to not only support the delegates and exectutive team, but to enrich the experience of everyone that will take part in the conference from a technical perspective. My contributions to the team already include the website and I look forward to making Challoner's MUN one of the most technically advanced MUN conferences.

Max O'Brien

Head of Graphics

I’m Max O’Brien and I’m Head of Graphics at this year's Challoner's MUN. This is the first year I am taking part, and I’m loving the fact I get to work with such a great team to produce a fantastic event. I have a strong passion for design and this is what landed me in the role. So far, I have designed the logo and helped design some smaller aspects of the website. Initially when I was approached for the role, I had no idea what MUN was, but after some research, I was happy to take on the role and I’ve had a great time since. With some more design work in the future, and helping at the event itself with some technical aspect, I am really very excited for what’s to come with the future of Challoner’s MUN.

Hassan Ghafoor


Hi, my name is Hassan Ghafoor and I am one of the Treasurers of the Dr Challoner's MUN society. For A Levels I'm currently studying Maths, Chemistry and Biology which would suggest that I have little interest in Politics. I do however enjoy a little on the side and hence am part of our school's MUN society. My interest first started for this club when I realised it would look good on my personal statement and subsequently I started to attend however since then my reason for staying has changed completely. I went from being forced by my teacher to speak in front of my peers, to volunteering openly for debates and discussions. I hope that my passion for Maths will come across with me being the treasurer for the club - a role that is perfect as it combines my love for numbers and interest in the UN in a lovely marriage.

Gianluca Abbate


Hi, my name is Gianluca and I am currently in Year 12 studying History, Physics, Maths and Further Maths. My story began in the suburbs of Australia before I moved to England at the age of four and since then I have developed a love of debating and politics. I first got involved in MUN a year ago and attended my first conference in March where I sat on the Ecology Committee. I am one of two treasurers for the upcoming Challoner's MUN conference and look forward to working with you both in February and in the run up to the event.

Chris Berry

Conference Manager

Hello, I am Chris Berry and the Conference Manager for Challoner's MUN. Currently I am in Year 12 and am studying History, Politics, RS and English Literature. Like some of my fellow society members I was pushed into the limitless world of Model United Nations in Year 9 at the SLN MUN Bucks Conference. There, I represented Turkey at a time when the Syrian turmoil was still front page news and when freedom of speech was a contentious subject. Perhaps it was the timing or perhaps it was the topic itself, but after that first conference I found there to be a hole in my week where MUN should rightfully go. I am not going to lie to you and say MUN is a walk in the park; I am going to tell you that MUN is a way to debate some of the largest and weightiest issues of our time, a way of meeting new people (some from across the world), and a way of educating us all about what goes on outside life’s bubble. If you are studying a humanity, this can be a practical outlet for all of that knowledge shifting around in your head or if you are not studying any humanity then you are going to need something to break up the monotony of all those equations. Why not let that be MUN?

Rob Sleet

Deputy Conference Manager

I'm Rob Sleet and I am currently in year 12 and studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry for A levels. I first fell in love with debating in year 10 when I joined the school's debating society and attended weekly, practicing my debating skills and I wanted to develop those skills further whilst also looking at modern day issues. It wasn’t until year 11 when Challoners MUN was set up that I was presented with this opportunity. Since then I have become a regular member and attended my first conference in March 2017 where my resolution was put forward to committee and debated on with myself having to make several speeches defending my point of view. In my free time, I enjoy going climbing and I also volunteer at a local Scout troop.

Lillie Westcott

External Conference Manager

I am Lillie Westcott, your external conference manager. I am in year 12 studying Maths, English, RS and History. Outside of school I study drama at Guildhall school. I am also a dancer, taking my advanced level in ballet. I started MUN at my previous school at the beginning of year 11 and have thoroughly enjoyed it ever since. The personal highlight of MUN for me is being able to attend conferences as they provide a way to showcase your skills in debate and develop them further, not to mention the fact they are great fun! I am greatly looking forward to working with such a talented team in order to make sure that everyone has access to all the amazing opportunities that come with partaking in external conferences.

Adam Jenkins

Chief Secretariat

Hi, I am Adam and I have been doing MUN for about a year now, having started as soon as the society was created. Despite my interest in MUN and politics, I am taking Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry for my A Levels. Despite only having done MUN for around a year now I have learnt a huge amount and have enjoyed the time thoroughly. I was lucky enough to take part in HABSMUN representing Afghanistan in the special commission where I fought to get all countries in the UN equal representation regardless of size. MUN is a great way for me to sharpen debating skills, get involved in politics and learn about real world diplomacy.

Jeyoung Ryou

Deputy Secratariat

Hello, my name is Jeyoung Ryou and I am a citizen of the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and am studying at DCGS. This will be my first MUN conference. However I have been involved with the Challoners MUN society for over a year and with the debating society for much longer. Currently in the Lower Sixth, I am studying Politics, History, Economics, and Maths for my A Levels; subjects which are very relevant to my role of Deputy Secretariat. Being from South Korea, I also have a greater knowledge and insight of the current and past geopolitical situation in the Far-East, which I am sure may prove useful during the conference. I enjoy Model United Nations for the greater knowledge it gives people of the world, the way it engages them, how it teaches skills such as oratory, and the sheer fun of the experience. I look forward to helping bring about an enjoyable experience for everyone, and will endeavour my utmost towards this goal.

Kieran Bozier

Publicity Officer

I’m currently in Year 12 and am studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry, with a long term aim to be a theoretical physicist - a job where I can get paid to drink coffee, think, and do maths! However, I also have a passion for history and am really interested in politics. My first MUN conference was at the SLN Bucks event, where I was challenged with defending China’s position of censoring all freedom of expression. At my second conference (HABSMUN), I represented Afghanistan with my resolution being about resolving the issue of the West bank, forcing me to make several speeches. The thing I love most about MUN is working collaboratively to resolve key issues, and being able to debate from different viewpoints - something I am looking forward to at the Challoner's MUN conference.

Thomas Fleetwood-Law

Publicity Officer

Hi, I’m Thomas Fleetwood-Law, and I’m currently in Year 12 at DCGS I am studying Biology, Chemistry, Maths and RS for my A Levels. I first started debating in Year 7 but it wasn’t until Year 11 that I had the opportunity to participate in MUN when Mohammad set up the club in our school. Since then, I have developed my debating skills, participating in my first conference at HABSMUN in March 2017, representing Afghanistan in the Disarmament Committee with my resolution about the ‘Question of the Proliferation of Chemical Weapons in the Middle East’. In my free time, I enjoy singing in the school Choir and fencing at a local club.