Lecture Programme

We are delighted to announce that we have now launched our MUN lecture series, a chance for students to hear from renowned experts. These give students the chance to add to the knowledge and skills that they take away from an MUN debate.

We will be hosting two of these talks every term and we would like to extend our invitation to any school who would like to send their MUN students.

Next talk: 19th January 2018

Asad Hamir

Serial Entrepreneur

Asad Hamir is an incredibly ambitious, astute and an accomplished buisnessman with a huge plethora of experience gathered in a short space of time. He is the Co-founder of three successful businesses including Telenomics, which is O2’s leading retail partner. He is also the Co-founder of Kite Eyewear, which creates bespoke lenses from your designs. It would be a pleasure to host him.

  Read about Asad here

Upcoming Talks - 5th February 2018

Ali Poptani

Former Executive Director at Goldman Sachs

After graduating from LSE with a degree in Economics, Ali went on to join Goldman Sachs where he became a fixed income trader, progressing to become an executive director over his 8 years there. He later went on to join Barclays as a Director in their fixed income sales team, managing client relationships for over 6 years. Ali has strong experience in the financial sector and is currently working independently. It is our honour to host him.

Previous Lecturers

Ali Kermalli

Under Secretary General at UCL MUN

Ali is second year politics and international studies student at the University of Warwick specialising in International Law and Security. He has been participating in MUN for seven years having attending 34 MUN conferences. He is the founder of the first ever mosque run award winning MUN programme recognised by the House of Commons. He is also the youngest high school advisor and has participated in conferences hosted in the UNESCO offices in Paris and the U.N. headquarters in Geneva. He has won 23 conferences out of 25 as a delegate.