Message From Vince Cable, Leader of the Liberal Democrats

9th January 2018

“The UN really matters: for peace; for tackling global warming; to prevent the world sliding to nationalistic conflict and anarchy. So, please get involved and deepen your understanding of its importance.”
Vince Cable MP
Leader of the Liberal Democrats
Memeber of Parliament for Twickenham, Teddington, The Hamptons and Whitton

International Glory at LIMUN

20th November 2017

Recently 17 students from Challoner's MUN took part in the LIMUN conference and had amazing success.
Vice President George Corby noted "We were absolutely delighted to learn that over half of us had won individual awards and we had done so well overall that our delegation won the entire conference".
You can learn more here.

Message from the Team Leader for Humanities

4th October 2017

"Challoner's Model United Nations provides a superb platform for students to engage with global politics and debate with their peers about issues that matter. The regular meetings and conferences are invaluable in developing those skills of research, debate and analysis which are so central to a study of the Humanities. I encourage all students, both at Challoner's and beyond, to get involved."
Mr Wallington-Smith
Head of Humanities and Subject Leader for Religious Studies
Dr Challoner's Grammar School

Message from the Headmaster

11th September 2017

"I am very pleased to support the Challoner's MUN Society, which gives students a chance to explore important contemporary ideas in a structured manner. This provides a framework for anyone to get involved, and I very much hope you will join the conference hosted here in 2018."
Mr D Atkinson
Dr Challoner's Grammar School

Message from the Head of Sixth Form

15th September 2017

"The new Challoner's MUN Society is a fantastic addition to the broad range of opportunities already offered to students at DCGS. It will provide a place for all students to engage with interesting, topical issues in a structured way and it's student-led ethos works extremely well alongside the character education and breadth of experiences encouraged by the Challoner's Baccalaureate. Get involved."
Mr D Colquhoun
Head of Sixth Form
Dr Challoner's Grammar School